Festival d'Avignon

Three weeks in July . Dates to come .
Created in 1947 by Jean Vilar , the Avignon Festival is one of the oldest and most famous festivals of theater and performing arts in the world. It provides for three weeks in July , the excellence of contemporary art. This 68th edition will be the first Olivier Py as festival director . The Avignon Festival is a crossroads and confrontation artists with aesthetic universe and contrasting backgrounds and different generations , both avant-garde and place of reference , with over 40 shows in twenty places ranging from small chapels 150 seats to the mythical courtyard of the Palais des Papes 2000 places.

The new director Olivier Py – writer, director and performer – arrived at the head of the Festival since September 1, 2013, the desire to shine the Festival d’Avignon in its territory, including through theatrical forms and traveling light and the desire to entertain a new generation of artists , the desire to open the program to new continents.
In addition to performances , the festival is also a place for discussion and exchange of ideas in various forms: installations and exhibitions , conferences, lectures …
Current program before March, detailed program in May .
Open from June ticket .

The Off is more than 1250 shows, more than 950 companies from 25 foreign countries and nearly 8,000 artists waiting for you! These companies make the city an immense artistic confrontation scene representing all disciplines of the performing arts in a hundred places in the city.

The Off, true living performing arts and cultural event of international scope , offers more than 1,250 performances. Nearly 8,000 artists from all over France and over 20 foreign countries in 125 different venues hosting the festival . These companies make the city an immense artistic confrontation scene representing all disciplines of the performing arts : theater, reading , dinner theater , circus, dance, music, street theater … classics , modern , contemporary , for all audiences of all ages.

Several highlights punctuate the event, including the grand opening parade – thousands of artists parade in the city center before proclaiming the official opening of the Off Festival – theme days , or the closing party with live music and ball.

During the festival , many venues hosting the festival , which can find programs, subscription cards, leaflets companies . Off the Village during the Festival is truly a place dedicated to the life of Off , his troops and the public and is installed under a large tent in the school Thiers , and offers a wide range of events , meetings , lectures , conferences and forums, concertsd , exhibitions , web tv, but also the festival bar , technical shop …

Program on the website of Off mid-June , paper version available in early July .
A membership card is on sale in early June, entitling them to discounts on shows at Off.