“I constantly think about Grignan , all of you , your decks, your beautiful and triumphant view ” ” I thought being in an enchanted castle ” ” But finally Provence has become very dear to me ”
Marie de Rabutin Chantal – Marquise de Sevigne

The History of Grignan merges most often with the history of the castle and its successive residences.
It mentioned since 1105, the village nestled at the foot of the castle remain housed within its walls until the very end of the fifteenth century. The construction of the Church of St. Saviour (1535-1542) and the great work of beautifying the castle (1543-1557) , are of a remarkable medieval fortress palace of the Renaissance.

The marriage of the Count de Grignan with Francoise Marguerite de Sevigne in 1669, will be at the origin of the famous epistolary correspondence between the Marquise de Sevigne and her daughter, the Countess of Grignan. From the eighteenth the memory of Madame de Sevigne and her budding literary glory, save the castle of Grignan from ruin and oblivion. The majority of the letters are addressed to the Marchioness daughter in Grignan, she often mentions the castle of Grignan in his writings. From his correspondence published , it has established itself as a reference to the art of letter writing and remains a model of our French language.

Today Grignan hosts an annual festival that celebrates the correspondence epistolary art from all eras , in all its forms, from the traditional to contemporary , offering a new theme each year programming featuring many artists and authors remarkable .
The Correspondence festival held each year in early July and occurs in different areas of the village converted into theaters .

Each summer also a play in the directory is performed in the course of the Castle.